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Professional Consumer Research Company

Blue-dge is a Singapore based consumer research company (company registration number: 200310011K). We specialise in advanced customer analytics and advisory to improve clients’ marketplace outcomes. Our clients are multinational companies operating in Asia and the rest of the world.

While we are based in Singapore, our clients are multinational companies operating in Asia and the rest of the world. Our clients are aware that their markets and customer segments are different in culture, place and background; hence they need to be sensitive to the different needs and preferences of their customers. Blue-dge understands that customers are not homogenous. Our clients usually adopt a common customised analytical framework designed by Blue-dge across markets or countries. However, the research methodology and advanced analytical methods we use uncover specific insights for specific markets and segments. Hence, our clients are able to understand peculiarity of their markets and segments and such insights empower our clients in decision making.

We are fully committed to the goals and interest of our clients. This is our promise:

Superior insights to empower your decisions

Our analytical professionals use the most appropriate methodology to obtain insights for management and marketing decision-making. With superior methodology, you can be assured that the insights are actionable and with the least amount of bias.

The best expertise for you

All our analytical professionals hold doctoral degrees in marketing and management research from the best universities. This ensures they are able to apply advanced analytical techniques to obtain the needed insights. The team’s depth of experience across various industries also means you can be assured that strategies recommended are well thought through.

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Our Vision

The vision of Blue-dge is to be the leading global producer of actionable customer insights and strategy advisor in the field of customer experience, customer service and marketing.


Our Mission

Blue-dge aims to be the choice partner of global companies seeking to leverage on superior customer and marketing insights for achieving outstanding market outcomes.

Frugality will be the core value permeating its business operations. This ensures that Blue-dge can make its services affordable to clients. Above all, Blue-dge will place honesty with clients above all values - honesty in advice and honesty in research.

Blue-dge can serve you in three ways:

Companies Operating In Asia

The Blue-dge team will help you grow by delivering first rated customer insights and recommend strategies that will help you outwit your competitors

Companies Considering Entering the Asian Market

The Blue-dge team can help you estimate the potential of markets in Asia and produce insights that will help with your market entry strategies

Companies Not Considering the Asian Market

You can leverage on the wealth of talent of the Blue-dge team by having them design a comprehensive insights framework for you, undertake the analyses of your data and recommend strategies for you.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, Blue-dge helps you become better.

Blue-dge provides consultancy and undertakes advanced customer & consumer research in the fields of marketing, customer satisfaction, customer experience and customer service. Global companies seek the leadership of Blue-dge in their field of expertise to improve their marketplace outcomes. In addition, Blue-dge offers a range of educational programmes to improve the intellectual capital of companies.

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The quality of insights produced by market research firms vary significantly. Incorrect use of measures, response types, collection method, analytical methods introduce biases in customer insights. These biases can be serious enough to render the insights useless and decisions flawed.

The Blue-dge team is made up of people with the highest level of expertise. They are each recognised for their expertise in their field. The Blue-dge team is made up of people holding doctoral degrees from top universities. They have published many papers and are sought after as speakers at conferences and company retreats.

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