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Our clients use our services because they find great value in the insights Blue-dge obtained which help answer their marketing questions. The following are our most popular service modules sought by our clients to give them an advantage over their competitors.  You may customise them in any way to meet your needs.


  • ⇒ Experience Enhancement Insights
    • For many companies, customer experience is their competitive weapon.  These insights help you identify service and product components that are important to your customers’ experiences.  From these insights, key performance indicators are developed and service/product strategies recommended.
  • ⇒ Service and Value Benchmarking
    • Do you know where you stand against your competitors?  The insights from this module reveal your strength and weakness compared to competitors.  We want you to be much better in areas that are important to your customers.
  • ⇒ Optimal Price Insights
    • Do you know what price you should charge your customers for a new product or service?  Price optimisation models reveal this.
  • ⇒ Customer Portfolio Quality Insights
    • Do not attempt to go head-on with competitors unless you know the quality of your customers and those of your competitors.  You will have a net inflow of customers if your customer portfolio is better than your competitors but you will certainly lose out if it is the other way round.  Find this out before taking the leap.  It is the wiser decision.
  • ⇒ Customer Choice Criteria Insights
    • Thinking of introducing a new feature or service?  Learn about your customers’ choice criteria and see if they value the new features and service you plan to introduce.  Also assess if the new product introduction will cannibalise your existing product line.
  • ⇒ Brand Positioning and Communication Effectiveness Insights
    • Who do your customers regard as brand substitutes? Do you want to go head-on with them or steer away from them?  Do you want to reposition your brand through marketing communications?  This module helps you do this.
  • ⇒ Customer Segmentation and Value Proposition Insights
    • One size fit all strategies do not work.  What customer segments make up your customer base?  What does each segment value?  The insights from this module reveal the customer groups served by you.
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